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Top 10 Vital Tips to Make a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Work

Most of the people believe that Long Distance Relationships (LDR) never work out. If you’re planning to make your LDR work, you’re sure to get a lot of hindrances! Because most people think that it’s not that easy to make long distance relationship work out. Your families are most probably going to discourage you for it. Even your closest friends are going to advise you to not take the relationship seriously so that you save yourself from getting your heart broken.

Nobody thinks that LDRs are easy. The extra distance in LDR makes a lot of things unachievable. Things may get pretty complicated. You can feel lonely and sad at times. Nonetheless, that extra distance can also make the simplest things sweet.

Eating together at the same table, holding each other’s hand, going for a long walk together, feeling each other’s touch, smelling each other’s hair- these little things can mean so much more in an LDR.

Follow these 10 Tips to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Works Like Never Before

Sure, long distance relationships are pretty hard. But it also has its own charm and surprises. To keep your love strong and alive, here are some tips which can help your LSR work:

1. Avoid too much communication

Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

It is not very smart to be overly possessive and sticky. Both you and your partner do not really have to be in communication for 12 hours in a day for maintaining your relationship. Many couple have this misconception in their minds that they need to do a lot more than the other couples so that they can compensate for that extra distance, which is apparently not very true and advisable. It can only lead towards making things worse. Eventually, very soon, you are going to get tired of your love. Always keep in mind that ‘Less is more’. It’s not about spamming, but you are just going to tire yourselves. It is really about tugging at the right spots and teasing at the right moments.

2. It is an opportunity! See it as one

Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Someone has rightly said that if you wish to live together, you first need to learn the way to live apart. See it as a learning journey for you and your partner. View it as a test of love for each other. Rather than thinking that this LDR is distancing you two, you must start believing that by this experience, you both will be bound even stronger with each other.

3. Managing your expectations: setting some ground rules

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

It is very important that both you and your partner are clear about the things that you both expect from each other in your LDR. You must set some ground rules which will help you in not doing things which can take your partner by surprise. For example, are you both exclusive? Is it okay with you if the other person is going out on dates? How much are you both committed to each other? It is very important that you open with one another on these kinds of matter.

4. Regular and creative communication

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

One of the most important things that you must do is greet one another with “good morning” and “good night”. Not only this, you must keep your partner updated about what’s new in your life, no matter how useless thing it may seem. To make it even more interesting and creative, you can send each other your pictures, short videos and audio clips from time to time. But doing all these efforts, you will make your partner feel attended to and loved.

5. Dirty talking

Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work


One of the most important things between both the partners is sexual tension, undoubtedly. Sexual desire is like glue which keeps both the partners from drifting apart from each other. Sex is not only a biological need, but an emotional one also. Keep it hot between you two by sending teasing texts to each other filled with provocative descriptions and sexual innuendos. Sexy puns are great.

6. Stay away from ‘Dangerous Situations’

Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

In case you are aware that your going to have drink with your friends’ group or going to some club will make your partner unhappy, they there are two things that you can do:

  1. Do not do it.
  2. Inform your partner beforehand to reassure her/him.

Do not be careless about such matters because your partner is definitely going to be extra suspicious or extra worried about you. It will surely upset them. Do not make them feel that you’ve put them in such a position where they feel like they lack control or extra powerless.

Also, it increases the possibility of your falling into the trap which you consciously/unconsciously laid for yourself by going out with the guy or the girl from your past who’s been flirting with you or by hanging out with the office eye-candy after work. You must know of the dangers before you enter in any such situation. Do not just listen to the heart. Also use your brains.

7. Doing things together

Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Play online game with each other. Watch some documentary on Vimeo or YouTube at the same time. Play the guitar for your partner while he/she sings with it. Video call each other and go for a walk together. Do online shopping together. Buy gifts for each other. You really need to be spontaneous and creative about it.

8. Doing similar things

Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Recommend TV shows, books, music, movies, news etc. to each other. When you watch, listen and read the same things, you get more common topics to talk about with each other. This is a great way of creating some shared experiences even though you’re both far apart.

9. Visit each other

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Visits are the main highlights of any long distance relationship. After all the abstinence, yearning and waiting, you finally meet each other and fulfil all the small things like holding hands, kissing etc. which are usual things for other couples but are very special and intimate for the people who live in a long distance relationship.

10. Stay positive

Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Last but not the least; it is necessary that you stay positive. You should inject positive energy in your LDR from time to time to keep it alive.

Are you in a long distance relationship? Do you have any additional points to be included in the thread? Shoot them in the comments section below and show some love.

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