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It Is Time To Make Mistakes and Learn From Them

There is one thing in this world you all are afraid of. You try to avoid it, dodge it with fear inside you and pray that you don’t get hit by it again. You call it — Failure!

It sounds fatal, miserable, terrible, scary and like the end of the world. You don’t want it anymore in your life and you dream to live without suffering the pain from the mistakes which you will make.

You visualize making mistakes as a Sin that will drive you to Hell! Something that will turn you into a monster, at which everyone will scream and throw stones at. You see Failure as a bad thing. But it’s not.

Make Mistakes and Fight Back

What on earth do I mean it’s not?

Trust me, I’m not mad! And you’ll shake your head to what I just said in some minutes.

Let me start off by saying that “Failure is a Wonderful thing. It makes your life a better one.” And I really mean it.
Even though it sounds scary, it brings you success and teaches you to move on. Everyone has failed in their life, miserably.

Your life itself is a game, in which you have to experiment things, a lot of it. And that’s when you will start to fail. I didn’t say that it’s when everything goes out of control and I didn’t mean it’s the end. Failure isn’t end of anything, well, it can be. To your miserable life, and it makes your life a better one.

You, me and everyone out there had failed. And guess what? We are all alive! Did it put an end to something? Without fauilure, how sweet would be success? It’ll be like a wet cotton candy, and trust me, you seriously don’t want to touch that with your tongue! Yuck!

Imagine how sweeter success would be if you waited a lot for the moment, tried a lot, failed a lot for it and in the end, it finally walks into you.

We all will fail and keep on failing till we succeed ( which we will) . Even though I’m not much of an Adage Lover, there’s an old saying that “Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success”. Well, it might not be the stepping stone, but I’d say it’s the escalator to success.

So, if you want to achieve success in your life, you better make mistakesright now. Fail, and keep on failing! It might hurt a bit, but an ant bite before bagging millions ain’t even going to slightly harm.

Why do you need to Make Mistakes?

Mistakes happen when you try out things, without expertise or a solid plan. It happens even when you’re not skilled enough. It’s time you try out new things in your life, through different approaches. Do things blindly, without plans or expertise. And you’ll eventually fail. And that’s when you should get up and keep moving. Picture yourself in the Hall of Fame. That’ll give you the boost to pick yourself up from the floor and to move forward.

If you feel embarrassed by your mistakes, know that nobody gives a damn about what you do. The word Embarrassment is an imaginary feeling. It doesn’t exist in you, or anywhere.

And if you have Never Failed, I’m sorry to let you know that you’ve Never Lived ( yet ). In-order to make your life wonderful by making each and every day better than the last one, you should learn. And it’s from Mistakes that you can learn the right way. When you fail, recap your actions in your mind and find out where you went wrong.

And on your next shot, try to improve yourself. It doesn’t mean that you’ll surely win the next time, but you’ll improve. And you got many more shots to fire. Keep on doing what you do, and do better. Going through this cycle will gradually put you in the Success circle. And that’s when things will get tastier for you.

When you try more, keeping your thoughts about failure, the fear inside you will eventually start to disappear. In time, you’ll completely overcome the Fear Monster and succeed.

So, don’t think about what all bad things might happen to you if you do something wrong, think about the brighter side of it. Believe in yourself. Believe that there is always a “Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.” Dream higher, hold your hope tight against your heart and fight.

If you live and die without trying, your life will not be worth living. You’ll leave the earth just like an ordinary Robotic Human. Do you want that? No, right? So stop thinking about the Bad Effects of Failure which doesn’t exist in the real world and make more mistakes.

Good luck failing and succeeding in time. Move forward soldier, move soldier! ☺

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