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Migraine? 8 Natural Remedies To Shake It Off


Fed up of rolling on the floor? Banging your head on the walls? Crying over unfinished work all because of a monstrous headache? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of people who have fallen victim of this herculean headache, the migraine.

Well, for those who think migraine is just another bad headache let me tell you, “you have no idea how ugly and hideous this headache can get unless you have experienced it”.

Migraine is an extremely severe throbbing pain which you mostly get on one side of the head and sometimes on both the sides of the head which could be accompanied with vomiting, dizziness, nausea, extreme sensitivity to sensory simulations, depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. Well, you know your case better than me.

For many of you migraine interferes with your education, career, personal and social activities. And from my personal experience I can tell you this could be very distressing and heart-breaking. Migraine can affect children as well as adults and many a times it goes diagnosed.

Taking medicines during the early stage of attacks can prove to be helpful but you can’t probably depend on those painkillers throughout your life due to the long term side effects it posses.

So, how to deal with migraine then?

Let’s take a step back and turn towards a more natural path. Dealing with pain without pain killers

1) Go Herbal.

Lavender oil, peppermint oil, basil oil, herbs like passion flowers, butterbur, white willow bark, feverfew also provides relief. These are either inhaled or are applied topically. Unlike medicinal oils these does not have any side effects so you can always depend on them.

2) Massage? Yes Please!

Head Massage

Massage Works!

Since migraines affect your templates, a good massage can definitely help you. It can put you to sleep and thus temporarily cure migraine. So the next time you get a migraine you can go for a head, shoulder or neck massage which will help in relaxing your body and reducing the extreme pain.

3) A little change in your diet.

Hmm! I know this is the most difficult task but come on its far better than the horrifying pain. Avoid alcohol, chocolates, cheese peanut butter, biscuits, oily foods, hot dogs, bacon, bananas and citrus fruits. I know this could be really hard but if you think about that hellish pain I don’t think it is that difficult.

4) Sleep like you love it.



If you are a suffering from migraine you better don’t compromise with your sleep. Being sleep deprived can make things worse. As for a person with migraine you should have 8 hours of proper sleep. So, time to tell good bye to all those late night works.

5) Regular exercise? Do it!

Exercise like swimming, walking, stretching, cycling, aerobics can help reduce migraine. This does mean that the next time you get a migraine you go jump in the water and swim but be regular with your exercise. Taking a few yoga classes can balance your mind, body and spirit.

6) Meditate. Drive peace in.

Meditation can help you to ‘keep it calm’. Not to forget that one of the main causes of migraine is stress, meditation can help you in having a calm and sound mind. It also helps you to reduce anxiety related attacks and tension related pain and what could be better it does improve the quality of your life too. There is no harm in trying!

7. Avoid the hot sun.

This could be a little old fashion thing but an umbrella or a scarf can help you stay away from the burning sun which can many a times trigger migraine.

8. Eat healthy.

Now that I have told you what not to eat it’s time for you to know what to eat. Eat lots of vegetables like spinach, carrot, bitter guard, ladies finger. It’s time to say a big yes to veggies.

Well, many of you who suffers from migraine might have sometime or the other time heard people commenting,

‘It’s just a headache’,

‘It’s not gonna kill you’,

‘Stop acting like you have a tumor’,

‘Are you rolling over and trying to seek attention?’

Well, unless they have the nightmarish experience of this freaking migraine you can just ignore their thoughts on migraine.

So keep calm and fight migraine.

What do you think?

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