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It’s Time To Face Your Mirror of Truth

Take out a ruler and measure the distance between your dream and where you are right now. What? You need more than one ruler to do that? Or is it that you need high power binoculars to spot your dream?

Think; Admit it; Face it;

You’re nowhere near your Dreams.

You’re not alone. You, me, your best friend who always say “You’re doing great” and everyone out there are in this ride together. The ride to nowhere.

Every time I think about it, I scare the shit out of myself. I’m afraid if I will have a secured life in the near future or not. I’m afraid if I will go bankrupted, left alone and die.

No offence: You have lied enough to yourself. That you’re on the right way. No you’re not. It doesn’t matter even if I’m offending you right now. I don’t care if I’m hurting your feelings. Open you’re eyes, look around.
You’re nowhere,
you’re still in your comfort zone.

Enough of the goddamn lies.

It’s high time you see the truth, face it. You’re gonna lie to yourself if you keep on thinking about it. You make brilliant yet stupid excuses to fool yourself saying that it’s all gonna be okay. [But it’s not]

Face The Mirror

Go to that mirror you see on the wall. Look at your stinking face, stare at that awful creature. Spit on it if you feel like.

You have grown mad, lazy and stupid. You have procrastinated more times than doing things worth some shit. You always dream big in your head, just to do nothing about it and later force yourself to believe “it’s not for you”.

Then ask that creature you see in the mirror.

  1. What is it worth doing?
  2. What is it capable of?
  3. Is it anyhow unique or better than all those other people around it?
  4. Is it moving its ass towards what it wants to get?

I pity the creature I saw when I looked into the mirror this morning. He said that he have a lot of dreams, but something is holding him back.

Specifically, it opened up to me. It said that he wanted to launch an online magazine and make it big, bigger and bigger than the last bigger one.Something better.

But, he says that it he is afraid, confused and doesn’t know what to do.

I pity the face I saw when I looked at the mirror.

Then I did an introspection, just to realize that it was me myself that I saw on the mirror. I now pity myself. What an awful creature am I? ☹

Go on, look at the mirror. Stare at it.

Shout at it, Scream at it and Cry if you want.

You have all the rights to cry. You have all the rights to scream. You have all the rights to shout. And, you have all the rights to stay where ever you are right now.

But, some rights and rules are meant to be broken. Fuck that right to stay where ever you are.

Move your ass and start working on what you want to gain, what you want to be and where you want to go.

The game is going to be tough. Real tough.

So tough that it will beat you down to earth. But hey, no one actually cares if you fail. No one does. They just act like they do.

Fuck your Fears: Pick yourself up from the ground and keep moving.

What do you think?

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