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4 Effective Ideas To Save Money For College Students

How much money is in your hand now? Or in your account? Hmm. Thinking, right? This itself shows your irresponsibility towards the financial matter. Basically, we teens don’t like responsibility. But when it comes to money, we have to shoulder a bit. Because you never want your cell phone to say “no balance to call, kindly recharge” or the bike to stop in the midway, cause you have no money for petrol.

As far as I am concerned, I need money mainly for these two purposes. We all need money throughout the day, month and year.

So now, did you get an answer to the question I asked in the beginning? I am pretty sure, money in your hand was at least twice the amount which you have now.

Trust me buddy, it is because of  your way of spending. We have no regular jobs thus not much money. Hence, have a look at your expenses.

Saving is the biggest earning. It is easy to spend the money but hard to earn. So count every coin you spend and save as much as you can.

Here,are some tips/ ideas to save your money.

1. Have an Eye on Your Girlfriend

I know you will kill me if I say not to have a girlfriend. What did you gift her last birthday? Still thinking? Then your memory has to be repaired!

Got it? Then what was its price? Oops! More than 1k? Definitely you have to have an eye on your girlfriend. I know you will donate both your eyes for her. But I am just saying about controlling the expenses. Remember, love is not all about money and expensive stuffs. And of course, she will not leave you staring at the price tag of the gift if she seriously loves you.

So give her a cheap but beautiful gift on the next birthday. Don’t borrow if you don’t have a single penny. Even a beautiful card will be worth a thousand dollars if given out of true love and also far more romantic than those expensive and gigantic ones?

2. Start an Account with No ATM and Net Banking Support

You see a superb watch for very cheap price in Amazon. Will you buy it even though you have a decent watch? I am sure you will. But what is the difference between both? Will the new watch give you more time than 24 hours? No, certainly not. Then why do you waste your precious bucks like this!!

Most of us shop online making use of debit cards (ATM Cards) or net banking. Just imagine you have no ATM Cards and Net Banking facility with your bank account. Believe me, your money is saved now. Every penny is safe and I am sure we will not loot ourselves.

Actually I didn’t mean to cease your ATM support and Net Banking. But along with all that have a backup account like this. Don’t forget to deposit money in that account. This is one of my favourite methods to save money.

3. Record Your Income and Expense

Do you know how much money you are spending a month? Don’t scratch your head. Documenting the transactions helps you to get a clearer idea about this.

You don’t have to do much. Just take a notebook or diary (it’s more convenient as it has printed dates). Then separate the pages into two columns. Title them as Income and Expense. Every night fill these columns with your daily transactions. And in the end, just do the grand totalling. After completing this, you will get an insight about the money coming in and flowing out.

At the end of the month analyse each and every expense. You have a document now. So it is easy to find the unwanted expenses and avoid it.

Sorry guys. This is really a serious issue. So turned my face. Hope you didn’t yawn.

4. Make Use of the Infinite Possibilities of Internet Shopping

I know you are very much familiar with e-shopping. But sadly many of my friends are not convinced about the same. They think there is a possibility to be cheated. I don’t oppose. Surely, there is. But we have to realize the coal from gold first. Did I say it dramatically? I mean we have to shop from reputed and recognised sites. There are many such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

I bought a phone (Zenfone 5) recently from Amazon worth 9k. The phone supports micro SIM only. So I had to go to a shop and get my SIM cut. I went and saw another Zenfone 5 was waiting for 10 fingertips. Just because of curiosity, I asked its price. The guy with a goat-like moustache said it’s 9.5k. A second-hand phone costs 0.5 k more!

Don’t underestimate the possibilities of Online Shopping. You may get some coupon codes and promotional offers on some special occasions like x-mas and New Year. So be ready to taste the cherry on the cake.

What do You Think?

Now it’s up to you. You can either crave for money by the second last week smile seeing you are the only person with a note in his pocket.

Do you want to give me a treat? Ha, ha.

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