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Newton’s Three Universal Laws Of Life For Higher Productivity

Confused by the title, right? Are you starting to think that there is a writer or philosopher named Newton? No, I am talking about the great scientist. He has something to teach us. Hey, don’t be panicked, this is not a physics lecture. No one is here who haven’t yawned during those classes. So I am not going to lift the bombastic burden and throw it upon you. Happy now??

Then why do I pull Isaac Newton into this? Don’t over think. I have semester exams above me, just waiting to crash my head. During the usual pre-examination mugging up, I thought about Newtons Laws of Motion. Interestingly I found out it is valid in our daily life too.
Here we go.

1. First Law

“Every object in a state of rest tends to remain in that state unless an external force is applied to it.”

Yes. It is very true. Are you a lazy guy? I surely am sometimes. Everyone is lazy. We hate to do uninterested things. Study is one of them. But just think, your favorite teacher calls you and tells the benefits of studying well. She also gives you some tips for effective learning that too in a sweet and interesting tone.

After then do you have any indifference towards studying? No, certainly not for at least 3-4 days. It depends upon the power of advice and fondness to the adviser. This is what we call ‘Motivation‘. According to me what Newton refers to as the external force is none other than ‘Motivation’.

Staying motivated is hard to do. We have to find resources for it. Don’t feel desperate. They are easily available. YouTube videos, E-books, Quotes and hardcover books are the real sources of inspiration for me. I have a recommendation for you. ‘Can is the Word of Power‘ written by ‘Barendra Kumar’ is an awesome book to make you believe you can do anything. Maintain a mind which demand success, which love motivation.

2. Second Law

According to the second law,
“Force is the product of Mass and Acceleration. Mass of an object is constant. Hence, it is also interpreted as a force acting on an object is directly proportional to its acceleration (acceleration is directly proportional to force).”
I don’t bore you more. Let us look into its daily life relevance. Formerly we called the external force as motivation. Here again Newton starts with that force. Acceleration is simply the rate of increment of speed. So according to me Acceleration of our success is directly proportional to Motivation. It is as simple as that. Whenever we get motivated, we will do anything. An unknown courage fills us. Motivation has such a power. Through motivation, we make our mind believe that it can do anything. Everything can be achieved provided our mind has the belief.

3. Third Law

Third law states that
“Every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
This is very simple at the same time very truthful universal law. We know the saying ‘a coin has two sides’ or ‘for a day, there is a night’. These two are simple forms of Newton’s third law of motion. If we do an action, there must be an after effect of it (that is what he called reaction).
If we study well (action), we will success (reaction)
If you impress her (action), she will love you (reaction)
Clearly this law also is very relevant to our daily life.

Read How To Be Yourself by Aishwarya.

What do You Think?

I hope I have not bored you. Make sure you put your thoughts into Newton’s Three Laws of Life again and again. Then take action. Good luck.

What do you think?


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