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Top 3 Part Time Jobs For You Which Pay Well

If you’re a college student, you have a need of money, maybe a lot of it. Students also have things to spend money on. And there are chances that you’re struggling to push forward with all the needs to meet. Worry not!

You don’t actually have to wait until you get your diploma to fill up your wallet for real. That’s where part time jobs comes into the rescue. There are many ways and gaps out there where you can fill yourself in and earn money while you study.

Read on to find out what are the best part time jobs which you could get into and make some money while you’re on college.


I would like to mention this first, because it’s what I do as a college student to earn money. I’ve started freelance writing 3 years back and made over $5740 till date. Well, I’m basically a lazy person. So imagine what you could be able to do.

There are many other definitions out there for the term “freelancing” on the web. But, I’d like to make it simple and straight. It is when you sell your expertise and work for some other people or companies, thus making money in the process. You need not to be a staff of the company or a regular employer, but you can still work when you get a deal to do.

Find what you’re an expert at, find people to whom hiring you could be of some use and pitch them. You can also build up a resume or portfolio online to showcase your skills. The internet is a blessing for students who wish to become freelancers.

These are the most popular freelance services around:

  • Freelance writing.
  • Freelance design (web, graphics and similar stuff)
  • Freelance programming, coding.
  • Freelance artist.

There are many websites which will help you find people who are looking for freelancers to hire like Elance, PeoplePerHour and oDesk etc.

Academic Tutor.

Are you a skilled student or top of the class? Do you think you will be able to teach others what you know? Then this is the job where you could fit into. If there is a subject or language that you excel in, you can leverage your expertise and knowledge to drive in some cash to you.

There will be always junior students or high school students who would like to learn more on a specific subject or two. Find them and offer them that you will teach them. Set an hourly rate or even weekly, then teach them the specific subject.

I know a friend of mine who is in the final year Psychology batch, teaching some of my classmates (first year students) behavioral psychology in the evenings. Her hourly rate is $15 and she has 12 students right now. She takes classes every Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. That means, she earns $540 every single week. Ain’t that beautiful? And guess what? She enjoys what she’s doing.

So, if you think teaching is your thing and you will enjoy doing it, make some money while enjoying.


If you think you can handle children from silent to  stand the screaming, biting and craziness of naughty kids, you can become a babysitter. If you have certain days of the week with no classes to go to, maybe you could use those days to babysit kids of different ages, while their parents are at work. If they’re elementary school students, you could even plan a babysitting gig anytime you have a free afternoon. Try using the website to find families in need of a sitter near you.

Learn and Earn

Learn and Earn


Over to you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. Working on part time jobs are a great way to earn money while you are studying. But make sure you don’t compromise your studies while in the process of doing it. Good luck.

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