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Top 5 Signs Showing He Just Needs Physical Relationship With You

How to Know That Your Beau is Just Physically Attached to You?

Life never explores the straight road, but it is a road with curves. To live is to experience, and that is why relationship in life plays a significant role. Relationships make you learn and swim through the pool of difficulties to understand the hardships of life. But, it is vital to know what is love and who has approached you just for physical pleasure.

Top 5 Signs That Prove You’re in in Physical Relationship With Him

Lust or love? It is always a dubious question, which the people often face in relationships.  If you want to know that if guy is using you just to satisfy himself under the sheets, here are few significant signs that would prove his physical craziness on you:

#1. No Clue About His Personal Life

Physical Relationship

A person, who truly loves you, likes to share his details with you. If your guy shows no such interest in telling about his life, his family and friends, I would say that it is the right time to keep a watch. Even, if the relationship is quite a personal one, still few of his close friends definitely would have an idea about it. However, if no friend of him have a clue about your relationship, be aware that there is a scope for you being falling as a prey of sexual needs, not love.

#2. No Cuddles, Jumps into Intercourse

Physical Relationship Sex

Foreplay before sex is not just a sexual activity, but a right way to make the partner feel loved. So, whenever you are with your partner and he always wanted to jump directly for intercourse, girls watch it is the right time to take your relationship under review.

#3. You Are Always Alone

Physical Relationship

Love is about being there when the other partner needs. But, if you have always found yourself alone and struggling, you should know the real definition of love and bunk the wrong person.

#4. Mid- Night is the Time

Physical Relationship

When you partner is always interested in talking the “otherwise talks” and pays casual heed to all your talks, there is a quite a chance that he is using you for his needs. Because guys never feel horny every time; if they miss you when they’re horny, it means you should accept the right thing. He always wants to talk dirty; that means there is something wrong, and you need to check for it.

#5. Dating is Always on Bed

Physical Relationship

The idea of perfect date between both the partners is way different.

When you are trying to spend a romantic candle light dinner and your partner always coaxes on the idea of dating on the bed, spending time having sex than it is best to stop being just an object to someone.

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Love is a feeling of both sexual and emotional mixtures. If your love is proving you with the physical feel and no emotional scriptures,  it’s time to review your love – relationship.

Remember, love is not a single-handed affair instead it is a juncture of two individuals trying to cope with the essence of love. If, in any way you are doubtful as to the sanctity of your partner, it is best that you should judge the right perspective of your relationship and walk off.

How do you feel when you come to know that you’re in a physical relationship? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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