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Top 6 Best Pokemon Halloween Costumes 2016

Hunt for Pokémon in a Halloween Party by Wearing These Costumes

The craze of Pokémon made people freaked out for some months. If you see that people are walking by the roads constantly looking at their phones, be sure that they are definitely not checking their Facebook timeline or emails, but they are hunting for Pokémon, the cutest cartoon that gained popularity after the introduction of Pokemon Go.

Yes, in this digital age, people are not only addicted to tobacco, but also the new Pokémon Go too! Video games are always an addiction factor to the young generations. Although this is a billion dollar business, the introduction of this new game of hunting cartoon characters in the real world gained attention among the crowd within very less time.

Top 6 Different Style Oriented Pokemon Halloween Costumes 2016

When it is on the auspicious occasion of Halloween, people always crave for something that creates a new trend or style. So, this year, the most popular game among 26 million of the population is a hype created along with Halloween 2016 celebrations. So, here are some of the ideas of Pokémon costume that you can grab on this Halloween. Have a look:

#1. Pikachu Costume

Pokemon Halloween Costumes 2016 PikachuThe yellowish body covered Pikachu costume is one of the funny costumes that kids can wear. The mask with the cartoon face adds a different aura. Can you imagine how cute it will feel if you see a small Pikachu at your Halloween party?

Parents! Make your kids ready to wear the cutest costume of this year.

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#2. Squirtle Costume of Pokémon

Pokemon Halloween Costumes 2016 Squirtle

A blue jumpsuit with an attached tail serves a perfect Pokemon outlook for your kid during this Halloween. The beautiful outfit not only helps him to look like his favorite character, but it also helps him to appear like the Squirtle itself. After all, this can be one of his/her best outfits truly.

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#3. Raichu Costume

Pokemon Halloween Costumes 2016 Raichu

The converted version of Pikachu in Pokemon is the Raichu. The little looking dryad is really very interesting and funny looking. The hood of Raichu is no less beautiful than that of Pikachu.

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#4. Charmander Costume

Pokemon Halloween Costumes 2016 Charmeleon

Semi dinosaur with the outlook of a chameleon is another interesting character in Pokemon series. These not only make the kids look happy, however, it also gives them the appearance of the semi chameleon.

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The Charmander costume is one of the most widely acknowledged dress among the teenagers those who are the hardcore fans of Pokemon installments.

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#5. Drowzee Costume

Pokemon Halloween Costumes 2016 Drowzee

Drowsy is the cutest Pokemon for the children of every age. This character is liked by all, not because of his unique way of reciprocation rather because of his chubby looks. Most kids would love to wear it on Halloween to give them a very lovable look.

#6. Cadabra Costume

Pokemon Halloween Costumes 2016 Cadabra

Cadabra costume is another costume that has been accepted in twitter and other social media networks. The costume of this character is the coolest one ever seen in the Pokemon series. Most visitors plan to take a look at Cadabra to have a Pokemon fight while visiting the friend’s or neighbor’s houses in this Halloween. Once after wearing this costume, the real fun begins with the captivating play.

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The Pokemon Halloween costumes are also sold like hot cakes in the American markets and also via online websites.

What all plans do you have for Halloween 2016? If you don’t mind, feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below?

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