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How to Start an Interesting Question with a Girl You Like?

While many guys are inherently charming (not fair), there are others who struggle with saying a simple word of mannerism, especially to that special person. And if you belong to the latter category, then you are at the right place because you are not getting the top opening lines from a Love Guru on some shitty radio channel or TV show. It is all about being confident and most importantly being your true self. Also, don’t try to come out as too intense and creepy as it might just scare the girl away.

Top 11 Questions to Ask a Girl in Your Dreams

So, let’s get started with questions you should ask a girl to catch her attention.

#1. Nutella or Cheese?

Questions to Ask a Girl

Yes, every girl loves chocolates. Even if yours is a special case who doesn’t, it will give you something to talk about and keep the conversation afloat. Nutella is a representation of chocolate, if you don’t feel like using the word Nutella, then go for chocolate.

#2. Find Her Secrets

Questions to Ask a Girl

What are the quirkiest habits you have? This question can make for some cool conversations, provided the girl doesn’t own an annoying personality and has some interests that you might have never heard of before.

#3. Committed or Single?

Questions to Ask a Girl

Does she like commitments or being single is more of her things? This question will certainly give you a better idea of her. And what kind of relationship you can accept from her.

#4. Who is Her Best Friend?

Questions to Ask a Girl

Because girls dote on their best friends, and they could talk about them all night. Try to follow up a trick to talk to her all night. What more could you ask for from her?

#5. Love or Career?

Questions to Ask a Girl

This conversation can go in all directions. But, then you get to know her honest views. There is a lot to learn and know from girls, and when they start talking about why they prefer career or love over the other, there is always some important- solid reasons behind it. By asking this query, you would get a proper idea of her mindset about relationship life over career.

#6. What Kind of Career is She Interested in?

Questions to Ask a Girl

The significance of this query comes only if she is interested in having a career. Many girls are interested in being homemakers, and you don’t get to judge her simply because of owning this perspective. The power to choose is what matters and being a family person is not archaic, rather it is good.

#7. How Would She Describe Her Ideal Date?

Questions to Ask a Girl

The response from her end on this query would give you a quick idea on how to ask her out and what you should do on a second or first date. Because not every girl likes candlelight dinners with slow music; some would kill for a Netflix or chill kind of date with lots of pizzas and cheese.

#8. Who Has Been Her Inspiration?

Questions to Ask a Girl

Firstly, ask her to describe an inspiration from her real life and then come on to a celebrity because every girl holds at least these two.

#9. Dream Place To Be

Questions to Ask a Girl

Like the ideal dream place of hers where she always wanted to go. Everyone has their favorite place, and if she is the one for you, then you can get started on helping her go to her favourite place.

#10. Favorite Genres and Authors

Questions to Ask a Girl

Ask her about her favourite authors, if she likes to read. And if she does, you could gift her the novel that she has always wanted. Another debatable and a sincere good question is whether she would prefer a movie date or just a stroll in her favourite library.

#11. Know Her Bucket List

Questions to Ask a Girl

The one interesting question that could spark a conversation and keep it going is when you come to know about her bucket list and what all she plans to do.

Do you think we should add up a few more questions to ask a girl in this list? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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