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Top 8 Romantic Questions to Ask a Guy Before a Girl Gets Married

Why Should a Girl Ask These Questions to a Guy Before Saying Yes to the Marital Relationship?

Simply because you’re going to live with him for the rest of your life.


Do you have late night chats with your partner after the hectic day you had? Ever felt that you’re getting bored of your regular- normal chats although you really wish to converse with him? Well, it is time to try something different with your boyfriend and make the night much more enjoyable and funny! Maybe this would definitely let you fall more for him before getting married.

Well, if you think this is actually of no help, by merely reading, I would strongly suggest you to try it out very soon and get to know of your boyfriend by making use of these questions. Just ask these crazy questions randomly, have fun with him and make your bond of relationship quite stronger before the marriage!

#1. What if I tell you to wear my clothes and click a picture with me?

Questions to Ask a Guy

If you are looking for fun, trying out your clothes on your boyfriend. Yes, I said it right.

Indeed, it is an interesting idea.

Just wait for the reaction from his end!

It could be a big yes, if he likes the funny part in it, or a small no, if he’s quite serious of doing such a crazy activity with his partner.

#2. If I wish to have a whole day of shopping with you, would you agree with me?

Questions to Ask a Guy

Always try to question your boyfriend if he would love to take you out for shopping or not! It may sound sweet, but you will get to know  of your boyfriend’s reaction quite easily!

#3. If I wish to have a Pizza in the middle of the night, will you bring it for me?

Questions to Ask a Guy

Feed your girlfriend immediately when she’s hungry. Just try it out for fun on any regular day to know how much he cares when your tummy is burning for some yummy dishes!

#4. What is the most exotic date you wish to make workout?

Questions to Ask a Guy

Planning a unique date is probably what all boyfriends think of while proposing a woman. However even after a long term relationship, planning such romantic schedules can always be special.

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Do ask him.

How are you planning the most exotic date ever for us?

#5. Where would you want to take me to celebrate our honeymoon?

Questions to Ask a Guy

Honeymoon is a dream for every woman, and almost everyone would love to make it special. If you are thinking of the same, just ask your boyfriend where and how would he love to take you to honeymoon?

#6. Can you get me to a house full of chocolates?

Questions to Ask a Guy

Wouldn’t this be a dream come true for you? Oh, c’mon you are just playing the game for fun? So why not asking for a house full of your personal favorite things from your boyfriend?

#7. Which song comes to your mind when you see me?

Questions to Ask a Guy

Well, if you are in the mood to make the gaming session much more romantic, then this is the perfect question to ask your boyfriend! Just ask him even to sing it for you- at least two lines!

#8. Nothing more or less. Just describe in one word about my character!

Questions to Ask a Guy

Now, this is indeed an interesting answer every girl wish to know. For every boyfriend, this is probably the toughest thing to answer.

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Just note down the time he takes to deliver the answer!

Though there are many more questions you can try out with your boyfriend, questions we have aforementioned are must to ask a guy before the official marriage schedule.

All you need to do is just ask him and make it look very casual for most enjoyment!

Have you ever asked any similar kind of questions to your guy? Kindly leave them in the comments section so that it would be a lot more interesting to know about funny sides of a relationship.

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