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Top 9 Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 Made Just For People Who Love Fun

The Big Day is Approaching. Freak People Out With These Scary Costumes on Halloween 2016

The Halloween festival is being actually commemorated for the Biblical saints and martyrs mentioned in the Old Testament of Bible. On each passing year, the festival is gaining attention all over the world although it’s a festival meant for American nations earlier.

The festival is celebrated in a number of ways. Some wear creepy costumes that show the funny end, whereas others carry a jack o’ lantern to visit the neighbourhoods to depict the bond of relationships. In short, celebrating Halloween is another form of rejoicing at the core. Because life is all about living and enjoying each every moment, no matter in which circumstance you’re actually in.

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016: Pick Up Your Right Choice

The other common ritual practices in this festival include scaring the closer ones with the freakiest and the deadliest costumes. Here we’re introducing a few of the costumes that enlighten the scary part of Halloween 2016. Check them out if you think of trying something different this time.

#1. Freddy Costume

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 Freddy

Tattered clothes with the long pointed sharp nails are the most common feature of this outfit. Wearing one of these outfits with a scary outlook can sufficiently get someone traumatized or hysteric. A few of the people add up a straw hat in the same outfit that makes the overall appearance theatrical and dramatic.

You can find the women’s costume here. The men’s version is available here.

#2. Heath Ledger Costume

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 Heath Ledger

This is one of the most imitated outfits in almost every Halloween festivals. Painting up the face like the ‘Joker’, the most challenging character of Dark Knight Movie is famous, and people die for this attire with unbreakable attitude.

Whitewashed face with the dark circles around eyes and the dark red scar surrounding lips can indeed freak out someone’s heart out of his soul.


#3. Adult Queen Vampire Costume

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 Adult Queen

The adult queen vampire costume is also a highly demanding outfit with a heavy craze for the ladies. Most of them desire to take an attire of black and red dynamic colors to grab everyone’s attention in the crowd. This is not only a scary one but has sexual instinctive too.

halloween costumes amazon

#4. Annabelle Costume

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 Annabelle

No, Annabelle does not depict just a doll itself; rather a walking Annabelle is much more creepy and terrifying too.

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A doll wearing the white gown and mask excites the spine-chilling sensation within a Halloween party throng.

halloween costumes amazon

#6. Adult Skeleton Costume

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016 Adult Skelton

How will you feel if a skeleton roams around you? Obviously, many of you will be scared and want to shout at the top of your voice.

We suggest you to try this out for Halloween 2016. Wearing the black and white skeleton dress with a makeup of messed up hair and dark lipstick is enough for a scary look.

Spandex version for women here. Men’s version is available here.

#7. Sheer Cap Ghost Stories Apparel

Scary Halloween Costumes 2016

The absolute cap can also bring an eccentric look to you. The cap itself looks creepy and transform yourself into scary figure instantly. It appears like long hair, and that makes the whole costume a ghostly appearance among the crowd.

halloween costumes amazon

#8. Scary Crypt Crawler Look

Scary halloween costumes

The crawler face itself a terrifying image.

The violent nature and the external appearance of sharp nails are not less than any other scary costume on the Halloween day. It forms a unique representation that no one can dare to mess with you.

halloween costumes 2016

#9. Spider Web Cape

Halloween Day 2016

Don’t you think that the red and black spider is very scary?

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The poison can take you to death quickly. So, how would you feel when someone is around you with the sights of an ugly spider? I know it is not very eye soothing. But, who cares to be soothing on a Halloween night, especially when everybody is enjoying?

Choices Choices and more Choices.

Do you have any different ideas to try out during Halloween 2016? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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