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Top 8 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

When Spookiness and Sexiness Merges for the Big Halloween 2016

Think of some innovative ideas to execute this year!

Why do you keep on wearing the same scary costumes while celebrating the Halloween party every year?

Say a big NO to eeriness, this time.

Be bold, be sexy and grab each one’s attention in the party. In this busy scheduled life, you may not get a bit of time to explore yourself. Like, what suits you best and what form of dress wears serve you an exclusive look at the party.

Sexiness, especially when you have to expose yourself in social gatherings, is not about showcasing an exposing costume; it is about expressing a style statement of your own. Thus, to get everyone’s attention and without thinking much, have a look at the exclusive sexy Halloween costume ideas given below.

#1. The Guitar Outfit

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Well, by wearing this costume, you may appear like the whole guitar instrument in your Halloween.

The neck of the instrument attaches to your skull, and the overall body shapes like a guitar. If you have a particular attraction towards the musical instruments, get ready to tune up with the black and white guitar outfit. Be safe from the music freaks of the party, though.

#2. Michael Jackson Aura


Do you have sexual fantasies with Michael Jackson? No, but you can assure that most of the boys have. Try the Jackson look and also enlighten a chance of getting into your dream man.

#3. Hermione Granger Magic

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Harry Potter fans may jump on you if you dare to wear this outfit on a Halloween night. Here, she is not Hermione; this is her mother, putting her daughter’s costume with a bold and sexy body. This outfit conveys a tickling feeling to the boys who fantasize Granger.

Now, who told that the sexiness of halloween party is bind among the girls? 

Boys, do not feel ashamed. We're introducing a few bold outfits for you too.

#4. Ryan Gosling Looks

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

A hardcore follower of Ryan Gosling will crave for this costume. You can wear the famous golden jacket of Gosling and keep yourself up for a proper sexy outlook. Just let us know how many girls freak out to woo with you after wearing this recommended costume during this Halloween time.

#5. Male Nurse on the Floor

Halloween Costume Ideas Sexy 2016

Try out the Male costume for the nurse with sexy underwear.

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Wait! Have you seen how many girls are behind you?? Try out boys; this creates the sense for many of them, and they would definitely trace your pathways like never before.

#6. The David Beckham Syndrome


If you are a football freak, this is just for you. Who does not want to look hot and sexy among the crowd? Choose to be David Beckham in this year’s Halloween. You can notice the gossips arise with you! Have fun appearing as the legendary football player. Enjoy!

#7. The Fifty Shades of Grey Look


You must admit that every single girl fantasizes Christen Grey! That guy who brought the sexiness in girls to a newer level. So, if you set up yourself with suit and tie, and hitting the crowd with a fierce look and full of attitude, your sexiness will reach to a zenith of culmination.

#8. James Bond


Who lacks the knowledge of Bond? James Bond!

Yes! You heard it right. Why not trying out the James Bond costume this year? Not only it reflects a sexy outlook, but it might also convey a different aura in the party through you.

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These are some of the unconventional sexy attires that you may try this year.

Always remember this. Halloween is your day. So, be spookily sexy. Express yourself. Have as much fun as you can.

You can also find our wide collection of Pokemon costumes, an added benefit in the the scary day’s costumes series.

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