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5 Magical Potions To Get Rid Of Skin Tan Naturally

Summer is here! Time to pack away the sweaters and flaunt yourselves in chick summer dresses! We all want to bask on the beaches, go fishing, or simply freak out with friends. But unfortunately, most of us forget to protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun. And the result is visible within a few days! Ugly patches of tan on the body that refuse to fade with any moisturizing milk!

How To Remove Skin Tan Naturally?

Instead of spending money on expensive cosmetic products, you can try some natural treatments. There are many simple natural treatments that can lighten a sun tan and restore a lighter complexion. Here are the best 5 ways to fight skin tanning.

Skin Tan

Beat Skin Tan Easily

1) Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a great cooling and refreshing agent. It has moisturizing properties as well. If you can get your hands on this magic plant from Mother Nature, then you can get rid of tanned skin in just about 2-3 months of regular use. Here is how you can extract it.

  • Slit the skin of the leaves length wise and take out the mucous with a spoon.
  • Beat with spoon till it becomes frothy.
  • Use this on tanned surface of skin from face to hands and shoulders.
  • And if you lack the patience to extract it, you can also use pure aloe Vera gels from any good brands.

2) Potato:

Potato is also known for its mild bleaching and cleansing properties. Take a clean potato and grate it. Take the juice by squeezing it and use on the face with cotton balls. Doing this regularly will definitely get you rid of your tan.

3) Gram Flour:

This is yet another natural exfoliate that gently removes dead skin, revealing younger and brighter looking skin naturally. Make a paste of whole green gram dal after soaking it for a few hours. Apply this paste thrice a week to rid yourself of sun tan.

4) Fresh Cream and Saffron:

Pregnant women in the hope to get a fair baby often ingest saffron. An age old ingredient to treat the skin, Saffron, when mixed with fresh cream, can remove even the last blotches of sun tan in the most natural way.

Blend a few strands of high quality saffron with milk cream and apply the paste on your skin. Leave it on overnight. Not only does it help beat sun tan, but also fights acne and pimple. Now that is two birds with one stone, isn’t it?

5) Sandalwood:

A natural soother, sandalwood paste is what you need if you have returned from a trek with a bad sun tan. Simply apply the sandalwood paste daily before bedtime. You can either wash it off once it becomes dry or leave it on overnight for best results.

Other than this, Prevention is always better than cure. So a few precautions which should be taken care of!

  • Use sunscreens everyday with a Sun Protection Factor of at least 24 or above.
  • Carry an umbrella always or wear a hat to protect facial skin from darkening.
  • Every night, moisturize not just your face but also other parts of the body for cell repair action.

Take Care!

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