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Addiction To Sleeping Pills Can Kill You

‘Try turning off the lights’

‘Nope! Not working’

‘Try closing your eyes’

‘No use’

‘Try switching your cell off’


‘What about the sleeping pills?’

Of course! Take a pill and it doesn’t take much for you to slip into a peaceful and restful sleep.

But wait did you forget something?

Oh yes you did; THE SIDE EFFECTS.

While sleeping pills might offer you a good night’s sleep, the next day you wake up from your sleep but not from the drowsiness. It causes weakness, headache, difficulty in keeping balance, paying attention and thus ruining your day.

You might even find yourself falling down and slipping into that unconscious world, finding it hard to stand on your feet. Your legs might even start finding your body too heavy to support. This is basically because these drugs deactivates or dulls your entire body.

‘But that is fine I’ll just take it for a day’


One of the main disadvantages of sleeping pills is that they are extremely addictive. You take the pill for a few days and then you start depending on it. You keep wanting more and more of these drugs and sleeping without them start to seem like a herculean task. Sometimes your body starts to adapt to these drugs and after a while you have to increase the number of pills to produce the same effect.

And overdose of these drugs can result in death. Once you think of quitting them all of a sudden, withdrawal symptoms like shakiness, sweating, dryness in the throat and mouth and anxiety gets into the way.

Sleeping pills can also cause changes in your appetite, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea thus affecting your metabolism too.

Well, if you still think you can go ahead wait there is more to come.

You can also be allergenic to some of these sleeping pills.

Allergic reactions include nausea, vomiting, itching, difficulty in breathing, blurred vision, swelling of eyes, face, lips and other body parts. You really don’t want to get into that, do you?

And if you are a person suffering from breathing disorders like asthma, or bronchitis then you should definitely avoid these pills as the can serious damage to your health.

If you still wanna go ahead, make some room for that bizarre side effects too. Sleeping pills causes parasomnias. These are disruptive sleep disorders over which you have got no control. One of the main parasomnia is sleepwalking.

This is something which all of us are familiar to but wait it is not just limited to sleepwalking. It also includes sleep eating, sleep driving and many other erratic behaviors which you do unconsciously.

Sleeping pills side effects

You certainly don’t want to do that!

What more sleeping pills could even cause cancer and don’t ever think of combining them with alcohol. It is extremely dangerous and could even kill you.

So when are you quitting them?

Remember that sleeping pills can never be a long-term solution to your sleeping problems. You should never be physically and emotionally depended on them and come on don’t you think your physics text book could actually be better than these drugs?

Do anything but don’t do pills.

What do you think?

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