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10 Best Study Tips For Students

When you’re at college or high school, one of the most scariest situation comes to you when the final exams reaches and you haven’t studied a thing. It can be real hard to work your way through them. But with the right kind of preparation, you’ll be able to study well and become successful on your exams.

How to Prepare and Study for Exams?

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‘Just 10 days left for the exam, And you’re sure that you will flunk this time’ well no, not this time. If you are reading this article, chances are that your exams are approaching and you haven’t started studying yet.

First let’s make a little change to this statement and then find out how time can be managed effectively during exams. As I write this post, ‘I have 10 days more for the exams and I will start working on it from today.’

Work Hard

Work Hard

Here are the best 10 tips to study for your exams.

Prepare a timetable.

Decide what to study and when to study. Make a timetable which you are sure that you will be able to stick on to. You can’t probably think of studying math, physics and biology on the same date. May be studying a chapter from each of these subjects would be far better because in that way you are not getting tired or bored studying the same subject.

After preparing the time table the next step is to follow. Every morning check the timetable and set your goals for the day and at end of the day check whether you have been successful in meeting your goals. If yes, you are on the right track.

Choose the suitable environment.

Do you have the habit of checking your WhatsApp in between your studies? Almost everyone does. And this habit of yours acts like a drug addiction. During the exams you try keeping your phone aside but the withdrawal symptoms takeover, preventing you from concentrating on your studies.

First, switch your cell off. Make sure you are not surrounded by laptop, TV or any other gadgets that can maximize the distraction and minimize your time.

The right time for studying.

Some of you might find it very difficult to wake up early.

Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early

No problem at all. To those ‘late morning’ people out there you can stay late up and study and for those ‘early morning’ people go to bed early, don’t waste your time trying to study in the night. You can study in the morning when your mind will be fresh and open to thoughts.

Avoid stress.

Being tensed and thinking that only a few days are left for exams is only going to harm you. The more anxious you are, the less you will be able to study. Relax yourself, take breaks in between Meditating and practicing a few yoga tips can prove to be helpful in reducing stress. Think positive and be positive.

Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress

We have already published an article on Beating Exam Stress to Score well. Make sure to read it.

Techniques to study.

Now this is where many of us need to work. First take a para that you want to study. Read it once and understand the meaning. Now break the Para into chunks and form a story with it.

Study Techniques

Study Techniques does matter

Keeping the story in mind read it again. Now try memorizing it. Repeat and rehearse over and over again. By the end of the process it will get registered in your mind. You can also engage yourself in group studies. It would better if you have some nerdy friends around because otherwise it would be more of group chat than a group study.

What to study and what not to.

Remember, the day before the exams, you are not studying to gain knowledge but to gain marks. Keep this in mind and study only what that is important. Don’t simply read the whole textbook. Refer the question bank and study what you need to study.

Test yourself.

At the end of the day. what you study is not important but how much you can remember from what you have studies is important. Every night before going to bed try memorizing what you have studied. Refer various model questions and try finding answers to it.

Go to bed.

The night before exams most of us get an average sleep of 4hrs. We feel that we are working really hard for the exams but is it really helping? Sleepless, night are not going to increase your grades it will leave behind just dark circles. And without sleep you actually tend to forget what you have studied. Make sure that you have a sound sleep of 8hrs the day before your exams.

Eat healthy.

Come-on it’s your exams, cant you sacrifice all those pastries and pizzas till your exams gets over? Eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Make sure that you add nuts, fish and leafy veggies to your diet. You can take coffee, tea and protein shakes as it would keep you alert and less sleepy.

Your Daily Needs.

I know it’s your exams but then there are some things which you have to do. Nobody is going to get you a shower, cook food, iron your clothes or take care of your responsibilities. Make sure that you don’t let forget to take some time out for your daily needs..

Over to you.

Now that you have ten more days to prepare, Is it going to be first class or distinction? Good luck studying for your exams. Score well.

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