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It’s Time To Tame Your Fears And Take Action

Are You Afraid To Be Brave & Take Actions? Or are you just dumb? Your’s, mine and everybody else’s minds are filled with dreams. There are small ones, average sized ones and then there are these huge ambitions you hold inside your heart ( maybe

It Is Time To Make Mistakes and Learn From Them

There is one thing in this world you all are afraid of. You try to avoid it, dodge it with fear inside you and pray that you don’t get hit by it again. You call it — Failure! It sounds fatal, miserable, terrible, scary and like the

How To Beat Laziness And Get Things Done

Have you ever thought of hacking your brain to turn yourself into a productive person who calls it a day, every single day? I bet you that you have at least 3 items still pending on your To-Do list. And if I’m correct, you are too


How To Learn a New Skill Right Now

Want to become the master of an Art? Then stop staring at this post and learn it. Yeah, right away! If you’re reading this post, I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of art or skill which you want to learn. Each and everyone of you

It’s Time To Face Your Mirror of Truth

Take out a ruler and measure the distance between your dream and where you are right now. What? You need more than one ruler to do that? Or is it that you need high power binoculars to spot your dream? Think; Admit it; Face it;