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It’s Time To Tame Your Fears And Take Action

Are You Afraid To Be Brave & Take Actions?

Or are you just dumb?

Your’s, mine and everybody else’s minds are filled with dreams. There are small ones, average sized ones and then there are these huge ambitions you hold inside your heart ( maybe inside your brain ).
Trust me, you’re not alone if it’s true. Everybody has it.

And hey, have you ever achieved any one of those goals? Tried yet? Or, have you even started to think about it? If you have — Congrats. You’re doing great!

But if you haven’t yet — I’m sorry to let you know that you’re dumb. Yup, I mean it. And again yup, I know that I’m mean, but guess what? It’s time you realize the fact.

You’re probably simply sitting there and ruining your time, are you not?

Stand up, take a mirror, look at it — see the foolish face, slap yourself twice and ask this question to the dumbo you see on the mirror.

Is this where you wanted to be, right now? Is this who you wanted to be? Are you at least working on it?

Your answer would be probably a “No No” with a sad face of-course! And if so, time to redo the exercise.

Stand up, face the mirror and slap yourself again and again, till you realize that you’re a dumb person!

I know I’m SO mean, but let me help you by being a bit more cruel.

You’re dumb, you’re lazy, you lie to yourself by saying that you’re on the comfort zone and you’re not even trying to achieve your goals. And still, you believe that you are happy. But you know what? You haven’t touched your tongue on the actual sugar yet. You have no idea how happy you can actually be.

You know that you can do better, but you put yourself down.

Trust me baby, miracles doesn’t happen in your real life. That’s just in fairy tales and you ain’t living in one.

Every single fucking success you see out there are actually results of strong mindset and hard works people have taken up.

Abra Kadabra

I can read your mind — By now, you’ve changed your mindset. At least a bit. And trust me, if you can shape your mind to a better one in seconds, guess what you can do if you put time and effort into it. Know what you’re actually capable of.

Right now, you’ve just started to believe in yourself. You just got hit by something called “Realization”. That’s it baby, yeeha — You’re on the right track!


Are You Ready to Take Action?

What you have experienced just now are just the power of words. Now, can you imagine the power of Actions? I mean real actions, in which you try a lot, sweat a lot, fail a lot, cry a lot and again fail a lot and then pick yourself up at the end of the day and show the strength and bravery to move on!

Hey hey, wait a sec. I wasn’t talking about just imagining it up. I’m talking about doing it on the real world out there. The world which is so mean and nasty which will force you to back yourself to your sweet little comfort home, and die in time like an ordinary person.

Do you want that? Do you want to die like a Robot?

Yes? Say it aloud. Scream “Yes”. Trust me, I’m a Psychology student and this will give you some super cool energy. Don’t just stare at this post — Scream “Hell Yeah”. And see the energy you just made out of thin air.

I’m glad you made this far. Losers doesn’t! And they have probably stopped reading this on the halfway because of their laziness. And you ain’t one!

You’re a Winner and you know that!

Now this is what I want you to do.

  1. Find out your real goals. Don’t be shy!
  2. Find out what you’re really made of. Know your skills and know the picture you see when you look at the mirror.
  3. Figure out how you can achieve your goals. Look into lives of successive people. Do some research!
  4. Write your Ultimate Plan! That’s what you need to do. Connect the dots and find the way to your ultimate goals.

Are you ready to do that? If yes, you’re already a winner.

If you’re afraid of rejection, failure or some imaginary fucking enemy, trust me, it’s going to get you anywhere!

Failure is actually a good thing. So start making some mistakes.

Now that you know what to do, my role is over. Your life is completely on your hands and it’s you who create your destiny. No one else!

So if you really want to do something great and mark your name on books or want to have soldiers firing up to the sky at your funeral : Go on, move your ass — right now!

What do you think?

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