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All Saints’ Day Special: 5 Best Halloween Costumes 2016

Let’s Welcome Halloween 2016 By Wearing These Costumes

Halloween is the time of celebration for superstitions, ghosts and other evil spirits. The festival is mostly traditional in American nations. It’s gained its recognition from the ancient Celtic fete of Samhain.

People who lived in that era lit bonfires and roam around about disguising as evil spirits, and chanting mantras to ward off the ghosts. Over time, the celebration evolved as the festival of Halloween in America, as the time for merrymaking and activities.

Halloween days start during the winter months when the nights turn colder and the days become shorter. October 31st is the significant day when Halloween is celebrated with immense joy and happiness.

People seek for costumes that make them resemble as evil spirits. The pumpkins turn into Jack-o’- lantern; the houses are decorated according to the theme of the party.

Also, men and women dress up according to the subject of superstition in the party. The themes are mostly such as zombies, ghosts, spirits, wizards and witches, etc.

Top 5 Best Halloween Costumes 2016

Now, if you are planning to rejoice in the Halloween Party, on this 31st October, you should certainly need to be ready beforehand with the most exclusive ideas in hand.

Here I am introducing you some of the most popular and excellent ideas for best Halloween Costumes 2016:

#1. Yip Yips

best couple halloween costumes

The costume is meant for two. Yip Yips are the animated aliens on the Sesame Street. It generally comes in bright baby colors with jotting eyes and two antennas attached to it. Your buddy may have to help you to get into this dress or vice versa. This is an interesting costume to disguise into during Halloween 2016.

#2. Gaping Hole

couple costume ideas 2016

This outfit looks nondescript till your eyes reach the mid section.

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The bright red colored dress with the sketch of intestines jutting out; the midsection portrays the structure of a human being. The costume mainly denotes the demon-like character with the postures of real humans with scary outlook.

#3. Mask of Emoticons

couples halloween costume ideas 2016

Mask of emotions is a real scary look when happiness merges with evilness. The helmet showcases the basic emoticons giving it a wicked look. Along with it, you can wear a long robe of dark colors underneath.

You can easily download a few such digital emoticons from the internet itself and cover your helmet completely. Your body actions should seem robotic and stiff while dressed up this way.

#4. Death Star

creative couple halloween costume ideas

This costume is perfect for the obese people or the pregnant women or if someone wants to cover up the body parts. It has a sketch of the land of stars and several others on its belly. The helmet of the costume resembles an alien or a robot or an astronaut suit.

#5. Blood- throttling Zombie

Couples halloween costumes 2016

The relevance of this costume depends on the face mask as well as the face painting. The costume below may be black with tiny grey web sketches. The face should be painted in a white and red color to exchange a scary outlook, just as one has fed on blood and flesh.

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I wish all these costumes would be helpful for your Halloween celebration party 2016. Try it out any part of the year and scare your friends out of life during this festival season.

Among the halloween costumes we have mentioned, which one did you like the most? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

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