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25 Types Of Friends You Will Make In College For Sure

College is the place where you’ll go through a major transformation. The kind of company you’re in at that time makes that change. Let’s see the different types of friends you’ll be sure to come across while at college.

  1. The Cool Guy

    He is the richest among all of you. He thinks life will be miserable without branded accessories and clothing. He owns an iPhone, has a wallet which is costlier than what’s in your wallet and wears double layer of clothes even on summer.

    The Cool Guy

    They think that they do

    He loves to get into group conversations and bragging about that $200 shoes which he threw away after it got a bit dirty.
    He’s happy and doesn’t give a damn about the GPA.

  2. Your Competition

    This guy ain’t evil. He’s just your biggest competition. He’s the reason why you’re not getting picked by that favorite lecturer for that activity which you always wanted to take part in.

    Your Competition

    He’ll follow you everywhere, or the other way around.

    You seriously hate this dude, not because he has done something bad to you. But because he makes it tough for you. You smile and talks to him like a friend, while you pray to god that he gets hit by a truck.

  3. The Alien from the Unknown Planet

    Nobody can figure this guy out. He’s unpredictable and creepy. He doesn’t talk to anyone, nor he stays late after class. He loves to pick his nose and moves slowly like a snail.


    He’ll make you cry & laugh at the same time

    Even though you know that it’s rude to do so, you’ll make fun of him while you’re with others. At times, you can find the teachers looking at him in confusion and wondering “WTF is that thing doing!

  4. The Narcissistic

    They are their own wallpapers. All they care about is making sure that they look good.


    The only way to hurt him is by telling him that he looks like a chicken

    They are selfish creatures who thinks and brags that they’re the best at everything. They’re mostly late to class since they’ve their hair to make, face to wash using 4 different types of chemicals and shirts to iron twice. He loves it when you say something good about him.

  5. The Ghost

    He’s a ghost. He doesn’t scare anyone, nor he tries to. But, he is the unseen. You’ll never know when he’ll come back to class again, maybe he won’t even show up till the end of the semester.

    The Ghost

    The Ghost can be funny at times

    But nobody can figure out how the hell he touches the required attendance threshold. You all go like “Whaaa? He’s here, can you believe it”, when he comes to the class. The ghost moves quickly.
    By the time you’ll wave a hi to him, he’ll be gone, to the unknown place. But he’ll be sure to make it to that day when the group photograph is taken.

  6. The Overachiever

    They score marks which are even more than what the lecturer thought the students would score. But then, they’ll be like “Crap, I thought I’d score at least 98%. I’m on 95% :( Alas!“.


    Exam time? Befriend them

    It’s not that they’re the most brilliant kind of people. They just work their ass off. They’re the biggest example that hard work really does pays off. She loves to socialize and he loves to worry a lot. They’re not evil, but you think they are.

  7. Your Secret Crush

    She’s the hottest of the hottest, brilliant, full of fun and interesting (at least to you). You’ve got a humongous crush on her. But that’ll be your own secret for her. You wouldn’t even tell her, nor anyone else in this entire world.

    Your Crush

    The girl you’ll never have

    She’s probably Friend-Zoned you. You’d do anything to be around her. Her math project? Bring it on. By the end of college, she’ll be the girlfriend of your competition.

  8. The Queen Bee

    Okay, every college has one. She is the close friend of the narcissist and loves to rule. She thinks she’s the most beautiful girl around and walks like she lives in a fashion show. She loves to command and get things done with the help of her working ants.

    The Queen Bee

    She’s hated by all the other girls

    Even though she weighs only 48kg, she can fool the weighing machine with the amount of makeup. Splash some water on her and that’s when you’ll see her real face. She knows that everyone hates her, and still, she doesn’t give a shit. Actually, everyone are afraid to question her or offend her.

  9. And her Working Ants.

    In most cases, there will be two innocent (but wanna-be-evil) girls working under the Queen. These girls think the purpose of their life is to serve the Queen and help her to rule.

    The Working Ants

    They try so hard to be MEAN

    They are stupid, funny and helpful. But they wouldn’t even think about failing the Queen by socializing with others. You always wanted to hang out with one of the ants, but your fear of getting encountered by the Queen keeps you away.

  10. The Walking Dead

    They are alive & dead. They are non-social animals who haven’t found their life purposes yet. They are trapped in a world of their own.

    The Walking Dead

    They’ll give you the creeps

    You can consider it as a miracle if they stop and talk to you about something. They won’t fail in any exams, nor they’ll score good marks. They have Facebook accounts which stays totally inactive. Even they don’t know their passwords.

  11. The Weird Couples

    They are lovers from the first semester itself. Everybody finds them weird & hates them to the core.

    Weird Couples

    This is what they probably do all the time

    The weird couples cares about no one else but themselves. They won’t smile at you, talk to you, nor they will be around for any of the group activities. They enter into the class late and sits away from each other. At times, you can find them smiling at each other. That’s when you realize “Oh, they DO smile”.

  12. The Lovebirds

    These two couples love each other to the core, and are loved by everyone else in the class. They are the perfect examples of true lovers.

    The Lovers

    You’ll love it when they’re in love

    They are good looking, active and full of fun. Unlike the weirdos, they wholeheartedly talk to everyone else and loves to socialize. They are happy all the time.
    Their short breakups make you weep. And whenever they patch-up, it’s party time for you.

  13. The Philosopher

    They love the subject English Major. They (try to) rationally question the existence of life on other planets, as well as on earth. They are atheists and speaks slowly.

    The Philosopher

    Some of their advice will be stupid that you’d want to try it

    When you’re in a problem, they’ll (try to) motivate you by telling you how Sachin Tendulkar became the best cricketer from nothing & and how other heroes from zeroes became so. Sometimes, you wonder if he is from another planet when you cannot even understand the language he use.

  14. The Nonstop Eating Machine

    They loves to eat, in fact, their purpose of life is to eat. Fried chips, burgers, coco-cola, cotton candy & all the other kind of junk food are their favorite.

    The Foodie

    Feed them & they’ll become your personal genie

    They don’t mind about the flash news in the TV nor about what’s happening on the Big Bang Theory. Food, food, yum yum. That’s their life mantra. And they are best friends with the comedian (He’s down there).

  15. The Startup Guy

    He is the one who thinks “Outside-The-Box”. He has this big business idea which he’s been working on for such a long time. He doesn’t give a shit about studies or about what other people think. He’s a confident dude.

    The Startup Guy

    He’s gonna do something REALLY BIG

    If he’s not present for the class, you can make sure that he’s probably working on that marketing strategy or trapped somewhere in high thoughts. He loves to make friends with the Philosopher. He thinks and knows that his life purpose is to make things happen.

  16. The ATM

    Left wallet at home? Short in money? Worry not! The ATM is there for the rescue.

    Make it rain Bitches

    Make it rain Bitches

    This KID is rich as fuck & doesn’t know the fact that he’s rich. He’s more than happy to throw money out to friends to have fun. What he needs is nothing but FUN. His wallet is an uninterrupted source of money.

  17. The One With A Million Problem

    In most cases, it’s a girl. She’s sad and lonely (she thinks so).

    Girl Crying

    She lives to cry

    Her life purpose is to find out problems in her life and cry about it. She loves sympathy. For her, a fever is deadly as cancer. And she has a crush on the Cool Guy.

  18. The Gossip Machine

    The born-to-be-journalist but a one who turns out to be nothing in life. Friends with the One With A Million Problem.

    Gossip girl running

    They’ll run around spreading the news

    She loves to spread the news across the campus. She’s the local media in short. Breakups, fights, cheating, exam failures, bloops.. her job is to make sure everyone will get to know about it. Wait, she doesn’t have anything against anyone. But this is her life purpose. And yeah, she hates the Queen much more than anyone else.

  19. The Party

    The live to make identities across parties. The girls are in love with the DJs and the boys are in love with the joint.

    College Party

    Fun Fun Fun, that’s what they need!

    They love to brag about all those cool stuff they did at the party last night. After college, they’ll end up as the richest persons ever.

  20. The Shy [*]

    This introvert loves to make friends. But hey, she doesn’t! What if something goes wrong? That’s what she think.

    Introvert Girl


    They are quite, calm and trapped in a world of their own. She has this one best friend in class, who’s probably your secret crush.

  21. The Comedian

    He’s the man with skills. Skills to make people go laughing out loud rolling on the floor. In fact, he’s one of the most brilliant guy on college.


    The Humorous Guy Ever

    Everybody loves him to the core. And he does love everybody too. Try to make fun of him & he’ll come up with a comeback that’ll make you cry for a week. You cannot defeat him verbally. In most cases, he’s lovingly fat & cute.
    He always tries to become the next big Ghost.

  22. The Social Media Guy

    This guy has 5K followers on Facebook, 15K on Twitter and is figuring his way around Google+. The Internet Savvy.

    social media guy

    Yup, that’s him

    They know everything that’s happening on the internet. Wanna hack someone’s account? Count this dude in, he’d be happy to. He is the best friend of the Startup guy. The Cool guy always tries to act cool around him so that he can also learn the art of getting popular online.

  23. The Artist

    He makes no trouble to anyone. He sits quietly at a corner and draws both weird and wonderful things.

    The Artist

    He doesn’t want you to interfere at all

    The girls love this dude. He thinks most of the time and has a huge crush on the One With A Million Problems. One day, he plans to propose her with a great piece of art. But he knows the fact that she’ll consider it as just another tragedy.

  24. The Traitor

    She’s your friend. And she’s the one you hate the most.

    The Traitor

    She’s your biggest nightmare & the closest to you

    You know that she’s the one who’s been bitching about you all the time. She is born to back stab people. But your fake friendship continues as you’re really confused and maybe even afraid to start questioning them. She knows the fact you hate her. But, the story goes on and on.

  25. And then, there’s You!

    The good old chap. (Well, that’s what you think you are).


    You still haven’t found your purpose

    People hate you, people love you and some people don’t even know who you are. You admire the startup guy and the artist. You think you’ve found your life purpose. But you know the fact that your ambitions keep on changing along with time. And at times, you can be one of the 25 types of people above. That’s you.

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