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What To Do When Your Family Doesn’t Support You At All?

Do you feel, you live in a world where no one can understand what you are up to? Are you one among them, who are constantly looking for support and affection precisely, from the family? You feel like they happen to be on the other side in a war against you?

And if you can identify yourself with this conversation:

Mom: You are not supposed to do this.
You: Why don’t you Understand……..

Then, the major problem is UNDERSTANDING!
That’s where the whole scenario begins and ends too (surprisingly). How much do they (family), understand and identify with your issues.

Family Fight

This is what you feel like doing to your mom at times, though you won’t. / Source:

Now, since here we are considering that “they don’t understand”, your life doesn’t really end there, right? So now, this can come to your rescue in such situations.

Are YOU convinced?

First lets begin here, Are YOU self-assured? Do you yourself want to do this?
To convince any other person on this earth, first step is to be convinced yourself.

If you aren’t sure of what you are doing then how can the family even come anywhere near to being convinced? May it be choosing a weird career option(as thought by your family) or coming home marrying a girl from another caste. You have to be sure that your decision is unerring.

Once you build this confidence in yourself, then it will become hard on them to shake your roots. When the root is strong, how can the tree be any less?
Believe in what you do!

And hey, did you know that you can actually hack into people's mind and convince them?
Read this post which talks about "How To Influence People".

Do YOU know what you are doing?

Do you have the knowledge of what you want? Do you ‘keep up’ on what you are doing?
Whatever maybe the state of affairs if you are fully aware of your subject, who can stop you to learn more.

See peeps, having understood fully all the concepts of what you are looking forward can help you cross a big hurdle. You will not have to fumble when asked, ‘why this?’ Spontaneous answers do have a point added. Your spontaneous answer will force your family for a planned response.

If you know all the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and still are willing to invest in this particular venture then, go ahead. Your family will understand that your decision is ‘mature’ sometime.

Even if they don’t, you don’t look back. That’s not where you belong. You have chosen to take the risk at your own risk!
Know what you do!

Get Rid Of That Feeling

You are asking me which feeling? Come on you know that!
That, “I’m so lonely feeling.”

Of course, you are LONELY. But wait, I thought you chose to be so. Okay tell me, didn’t you choose this for you? Now, why this shitty feeling for yourself? You have been strong all the while and guess what, you don’t have any other option either. Don’t let the drama of the world enter any zone of your life.
Just, let it go!

Prove it!

When I say ‘theorem’, it means that this is not that easy!
You might have heard a thousand times that, ‘you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.’ I agree with that, but here it is your FAMILY and not anyone.

You have to prove to them, just once and for all. Put effort to set it right and force them into a place from where you can show that you don’t need to regret your selection.

Like a silent killer kill all their ambiguities and give back the life which your relation shared. Cause they are Family!

Do it for them!

Yes, I agree that understanding may take a hell lot of time, but there is no point in wasting your time thinking that will take a lot of time. Begin now.

You do what your heart says is right. Listen to your conscience, it is very powerful and true. Take that risk. Don’t wait for yourself to regret those chances which you didn’t take.
This will make your life worth living!

As someone has rightly said,

Don’t talk, just act.
Don’t say, just show.
Don’t promise, just prove…..

And remember, they will understand.

What do you think?

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