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Want To Quit Smoking & Get High Like Heavens?

How do you like the idea of digging your own grave? If that sounds appeasing to you, go ahead and light that skinny roll of cigarette. Light it and burn your life away. And for those who think otherwise, HURRAH!

You’ve not only decided not to kiss death directly in the mouth but to escape premature death and ageing, harming  your respiratory system, circulation system, immune system and whatnot. In my personal opinion, smoking is okay as long as it doesn’t lead to addiction or fatigue or cancer or worse, wrinkly skin at 30.


This is you, smoking like a Boss

How to quit smoking isn’t the right question. Because, it is VERY hard. However, curbing your smoking habit is relatively easier. Here are some inputs that may help you restrain your smoking habit.

1. If you’re a beginner, inform someone.

I know. It sounds like a death wish. But if you inform someone you’re close to (hopefully an anti-smoker) about you’re smoking habit, it may help in saving yourself a lot of trouble.

Smoking Bear

2. If you’re a professional, get professional help.

If you’re a smoker and want to quit, get professional help – Home. If you want to quit smoking, it’ll cost you a hell lot; a lot of nagging, taunting, but help and care nonetheless.

It is the most effective and inexpensive method of losing the nasty habit. Being around the ones who love and care always helps during withdrawal symptoms.

3. Exercise

The one thing any individual (myself included) with low motivation dreads: the day they have to wake up early in the morning. And to exercise is a  great chore. But, worry not!  You’re screwed. Because exercise is one of the most effective and best way to overcome smoking.

It has been proven that ex-smokers had been indulged in exercise as a means to overcome their habit. Studies show that exercising helps with limiting weight gain, coping with stress and to direct your thoughts lesser towards smoking. You know what they say, run a mile to save your life. So, be motivated to live and thrive, if not to exercise.

4. Friends

Funny Friends

Your friends might be like this when you smoke!

Friends, inevitably the ones who decide whether or not to start or stop smoking. If you are part of a non-smokers group, it’s possible that you may be driven to stop smoking.

However, if your friends highly influence your smoking habits, it may be advisable to hang around them when they’re not smoking because the mere smell of it can tempt you towards reviving the habit. So, stay in a positive and healthy group.

5. Signs, symptoms and solutions.

If you’re a chain smoker, ladies and gentlemen, you will be unable to procreate. Gentlemen can’t get it up and the ladies can’t puuush it down. Along with lack of reproduction, other signs and symptoms include the usual: cancer, fatigue, depression, strokes etc. The solution? Stop smoking.

Every time I lost courage, I also lost a little bit of my lifespan. And some lung.I thought it was better to gather courage through sheer will and not at the end of a cigarette.

– Words of a friend, a brother, an ex-smoker.

Quit smoking. Get high like heavens (on life). (tricked ya, ha!)

What do you think?

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