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6 Great Websites For Students To Become Productive

People think that college life is easy as a walk in the park. It sure is not true if they don’t have the right resources. Yes, college students can become more productive if  they have the right resources.

Technology does play a huge role in modern education. College students should be leveraging this technology. Fortunately, there are many websites that will improve their skills when it comes to planning, writing, time management and to keep themselves organized.

List of Useful Websites for Students.

Here are 6 websites that will help you to become more productive and balance your way out of the educational hardship.

Students have to do everything from organizing large documents to managing academic presentations. That’s where Zoho can help you, with it’s flexibility and as a convenient platform. This user-friendly software has a wide range of services with an amazing looking interface. It also lets you publish spreadsheet data or documents to any website or blog.

Not only via computers, but you can also access your documents on your phone as it is well optimized for mobile devices. Zoho provides you with a document importing and exporting feature that really comes useful.

MindGenius is an amazing mind mapping tool that helps you capture, visualize and manage your ideas and information. The visual layout of information enables projects and tasks to be scoped and agreed effectively.

If you’re a student of art, you’ll have a hell lot of projects and classes going on at once. And it’s not easy to keep up with your workload. That’s where MindGenius can help you with its ability to change your note-taking and researching experience. I’d highly recommend this software, as it is highly convenient and very useful for students.


Their tagline – “Your Life’s Work” really is relevant to what they provide. For everything you’ll do, Evernote is the work-space to get it done.

It is another great useful website that will help you to keep everything on your to-do list organized. In fact, it also helps you make the to-do list. Thus making your life itself organized. If you’re a student who has to work with a lots of information and has to do multitasking, this is the best tool for you. Evernote can be accessed anywhere from your computer to your mobile phone.


Managing money sure is a tough job for students. And at the same time, it is where you should put your responsibilities straight. will help you to find great discounts and steal deals that range from textbooks, to travel, to technology.


Mind mapping is a great way for students to organize and get things done the productive way. There are many websites for students out there which will help doing that. But, InstaGrok really does stand out.

Using this website, you can research the topic of your interest and get a customizable concept map that will help you make the studying materials cooler. I’ve personally tried this software and I’d give a 5 out of 5 score for it.


If the exams are closing in, you know it’s time for the preparations. Koofers will help you do that with its feature that enables you to access flashcards and prepare easily.


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Also, this websites helps students to get information about internship openings and jobs to get hired in adequate positions.

I’ve have also made a presentation on Slideshare, which you might want to take a look at.

Over to you.

I believe that this list of websites for students is of some use to you. Make sure you leverage the technology to its fullest. Good luck.

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