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What Is a Relationship?

Love Leads to Relationships.

We cannot survive without love. Can we? No matter how much we earn and heating our pockets, we are still in search for love. Because we’re human beings. We have feelings that keep us moving forward. No one can take the place of affection in our life.

Love is the most profound of all emotions a human can gather. Love brings people together, connecting them heart to heart. Love is of all kinds, be it between father and daughter, mother and son, sister and brother, man and woman, but the root of all is the depth of love.

Reasons Why Human Relationships Are Special

what is a relationship

Humans are the only dwellers in the society with the God gifted ability of self- consciousness. This makes them limited to sharing of love and affection. They need someone to share their feelings, to understand them well. Of course, they do have love, and concern for other living entities and even the inanimate objects, yet affection from the same species fall short.

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Survival in an isolated land has hence become difficult even with abundant food, shelter and water resources because humans crave for love. This craving has brought people together, in a connection called relationships.

The relationship does need to be blood connections as in mother and child. The connectivity of feelings, as in the husband and wife, friends, neighbours, is also the part of relationships. No wonder people tend to fall for each other, especially the teenagers.

Relationship is a bonding between two individuals, connected with the thread of love, care, concern for each other, emotionally attached to each other and enjoying the livelihood together”.

This connection needs belief, trust, understanding, and support from the other person or persons. Relationships today have led to the formation of groups. The families, the ancestors, the peer circle, all are of the form of different types of relationship. This leads to the growth of mutualism.

For What Type of Relationships Do We Seek?

what is a relationship

According to research studies, not only humans but animals, too, maintain and strengthen the bond of relationships. The difference between the two groups of organisms is the commitment!

Animals tend to change their groups and mating partners often, while the humans seek for long- term relationships. This has led to the introduction of marriage, and several other such rituals with a change in culture.

We even have a relationship with the almighty, the everlasting and immortal relationship. Humans believe in God and tend to pray to the existing power, seeking help and advice.

Why Do We Get Hurt for Being In a Relationship?

what is a relationship

Hurting is a self- perception. The behaviour of one individual, disliked by the other individual leads to clashes. People whom we love, we often tend to hurt them, intentionally or unintentionally. This often leads to forgiveness or hatred, and sometimes even break the bonding permanently.

Which Is the Most Popular Form of Relationships?

what is a relationship

Surveys have revealed that the most sought- for a relationship is that of the couples.

The intimate feelings, the closeness, the understanding between each other are hard to compare with any other form of relation. The latter has found to be the sorrow – bearer, the mating partner, and the better half and responsibility sharer of each other. Almost ninety-nine percent of the population has been through the process of loving a person as their intimate partners. The basic idea of this relationship is to be with each other throughout the life. Some of such have been successful; some have even failed to reach the edge of the journey.

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Thus, to help us get away from loneliness, and isolation, we are blessed with the emotion of love, which led to the expansion of relationships. We all should strive to become better individuals in this form because this is the only way to support each other to become successful in life and attain peace.

What do you think of the meaning of a relationship? Drop your views in the comments section below.

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