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What She Really Wants From You & What You Can Give

“Women always worry about the things that men forget, men always worry about the things women remember” – Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

It sounds bizarre, as well as a realistic inside track, isn’t ?

But are women that complex to deal with ? Yes, we are often tangled for men when it comes to mind reading. We are equally confused as much as you people are confused about us. Yet, we need you to know that our complexity is as sweet as we are being created.
Your lady loves you to the core, and there are certain things which she can’t tell you often, but wants you to be aware of. She may not demand it, she may not unfold what she really need from you in this relationship, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t needful.

So what are they, that every woman needs from her man ?

Women in love

Know what they want?

Love Her Unplugged

Stay real and love your lady the way she is. Pretending as the one who you really aren’t is a complete turn off. You needn’t to have those six packs, the macho man attitude or even the one who is a born super hero!
Simplicity is the key to her heart, I mean for the real woman (underlined!). If she doesn’t take your authentic version, she is not the right one for you.
So, if she is ready to accept the solid not-so-perfect you, are you not equally committed to treat her as the same ?
Dude, don’t expect her to be like the super model figure u spots on the so called “men’s magazines”. They are either photoshopped or undergone surgeries to get it fixed. Comparing her with your ever-wished-for celebrities will make you lose the interest in the one who is made for you.

If you find a flaw on any of her traits, let her know in the sweetest way. Help her out, if you can. It will make your bond stronger. Never stay dis-satisfied in the way she is. Don’t make her feel you have many other better choices around you.

Remember, she chose you over billions of other good men in the world.

Let Her Know The Power Of Your Love

She looks forward, with the greatest wish to love and to be loved. Let it be a smallest thing she loves to share with you, listen to her passionately. Even if it is about her day-to-day job, a new dress or anything and everything under the sun, she rushes to reel off those with you.

Only because you are her ultimate life-hacker.

Let her know you do care her utmost. Everything unsaid is of no use. And hello, never allow your ego to pull of the feelings you have for her. Tell her she is beautiful, that too more often (Yay, we love it ). If you see her being upset, hold her closely, and whisper in those ears that “ I am with you”.

Trust me, these four magical words can take your relationship to the next amazing level.

If you see her loaded with work, lend her a helping hand. This has got nothing with gender equalization or any other social craps. It is just to let your sweetheart know, that you want her to feel better in all peaks and valleys.

Be Honest (You better be)

Don’t take it offensive, guys. I know honesty is a by-product of a gentleman. Yet, in the world of two-faced relationships, this point can’t be ignored.

No woman can bear her man to desire someone else, or being deceitful in everything he says. We love fiction stories, but not in real life !

Who doesn’t love surprises ?

Don’t you love surprises ? Obviously, your lady loves it too. You don’t need to sweep her off her feet, by shelling out thousands of dollars on expensive gifts. Take her for a candle light dinner, go out for a beautiful night walk and it can be anything which you know will lift her to cloud nine.

It can even be a surprise call or a personalized video, saying how much you miss her ☺

Be Protective, Than Possessive

C’mon dude, being possessive is an obvious shot in relationships. And yes, she loves it too. But anything more than that is not desired. Give her the space she need, and I bet, she will bounce back to you with greater passion. Space is another name-of-the-game !

There Is No Other Safest Place On Earth, Rather Than Between Your Arms

Well, you are the biggest defender for her in this globe. Raise your voice when something goes out of the line with her. Let she know, her superhero is always at her rescue.

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