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Ever Wanted To Know How To Win Any Argument Easily?

Often get yourself into verbal fights? But, do you really know how to win an argument easily & quickly every time you get into one? Here’s how it’s to be done.

We’ve all heard the famous inspirational quote “Winning isn’t everything”. But no one told us the full version of it which is “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing”.

And winning does feel nice. Doesn’t it? It may just be an argument, but being able to control where the argument is leading towards is the real victory. Here are some ways through which you can win an argument.

1. Start off pleasant

When an argument begins, there’s no way it can be pleasant. But you can make sure that it doesn’t turn ugly just by being nice or even pretending to be nice because you have a definite ulterior motive (winning, obviously).

Act Pleasant

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The moment you stop being nice, the argument turns into a rage war where you’re no longer arguing but you’re shouting and pulling each other’s hair like bunch of kids fighting for a candy cane at Wonka’s factory.

2. Mr. Know-it-a-little

Whatever you may be arguing about, make sure you know at least a little (or a lot) about the topic at hand. Having sufficient knowledge about the various matters makes you dominant in a conversation and/or an argument.

In a household, why do you think women always win the argument? (Hint: they remember EVERYTHING)

3. Be a comrade

As cheeky as it may sound, it’s true. You can be a comrade in this situation by getting your opponent to agree with you and your statement. You don’t need a mind-boggling psychological strategy for this. In fact, you don’t even have use a fact relating to your debate.

You could use a statement like “I’m sure you agree with me…” and once they’ve agreed with it, you have won the battle.

4. The bluffmaster


Worst case scenario: you’re arguing about how pigs can fly and your friend opposes you. In this situation don’t be afraid to make things up. Say: according to the reports in 1976, the Science and Information Center of Holland revealed the possibilities of genetic mutations that could help the pigs develop wings and fly.

If your friend asks where did you attain this information from, make that up too. Tell them: I read it in Mystic Science Dissemination  by Dr. Thompson. Make sure you make up exact figures and names. However, don’t make a habit of always using this method.


5. Anger Mismanagement

The one innate talent that every human being possess is the ability to piss other people off. For some, it comes naturally and for some, it takes effort. Nevertheless, in an argument, when you feel that your opponent is having the upper hand, use the anger strategy to disrupt their flow of thought.

This way, they’ll  be easily distracted and will not be able to continue for few seconds which gives you extra time to think of new defense. Viola! Violence can be virtuous (in a verb battle).

6. Counter intuitive rebuttal

If your opponent makes a bad or stupid argument, refute with an equally bad argument, and thus, discard them because it is with the winning that you’re concerned with and not the truth. Hence, it is important to come up with counter intuitive argument and seem as vapid as your opponent once in a while.

7. Be snappy

When your opponent hits you with a full-blown valid point, you need to be prepared with trivial phrases such as ‘You’re being defensive’ or ‘What are your parameters?’. This way they’ll be confused and will wonder as to what your actual point is, which again, will disrupt their flow of thought.

Be snappy, be happy.

8.  Insult, ridicule and humiliate

This method is to be used only and ONLY when you’re at a major risk of getting defeated. This method comes in handy especially when there’s an audience.

However, the manner in which you convey your insult is important because it determines whether your win is repugnant or winning. It may also decide if you’ll become the most hated person or not.

9. Exaaaaaaaggerate

By deliberately negating and disagreeing to his/her point, you can drive your opponent towards feeling irritated and impatient. By doing so, you have compelled him/her to extend their statement beyond it’s logical limit.

You can then contradict  the exaggerated form, and it makes you look as if you’ve refuted the original statement. In other words, you’ve owned him.

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